2 x 90min Drama Mini-Series

Synopsis: A wild tale of ruthless ambition and revenge set within the Sydney underworld. ‘Australian Gangster’ is about a new breed of Sydney criminal, the kind that doesn’t care about playing it safe, or keeping a low profile, or even getting caught. It’s a wild tale of gangster ambition where the Instagram generation and the underworld collide with Sydney’s glamorous social elite. Whether partying or laundering drug money, they’re ruthless, unpredictable and uncontrollable. It’s what makes them so successful, and so dangerous. From the pressure-cooker environment of prison to the cold-blooded world of big business, this is the story of one man’s bloody rise to the top, his brief rule over a criminal empire, and his brutal downfall. He is a drug dealer, a gangster, a businessman, an informant, a husband and a father. Ultimately, he will become the enemy of one too many psychopaths, all of whom want him dead. Set in a world of spray tans, steroids, tatts and Lamborghinis, ‘Australian Gangster’ takes audiences on a punchy, violent, and at times darkly funny, adrenaline-fuelled ride.

Written by: Gregor Jordan

Directed by: Gregor Jordan and Fadia Abboud

Starring: Alexander Bertrand, Louisa Mignone and Steve Bastoni